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Trade shows of architecture and building materials, Taiwan Expo of ASEAN

  ADD STONE is about to attend the exhibition, welcome to visit.

  ADD STONE's exhibits are popular with many people, and you can see that Aberdeen has participated in many large-scale architectural exhibitions around the world.

ADD STONE will present a special concept of ADD STONE imitation stone paint at ACT Forum'19. Designers will be able to break through the limitations of traditional granite stone, no longer heavy, expensive and fragile, with ADD STONE Faux Stone Coating, which is imitation of granite texture, creates the lightest granite on soft, lightweight materials.

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ADD STONE will attend JHBS which is held on Nov. 13th, 2019 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

  ADD STONE will attend the 41th Japan Home And Building Show. Japan is a developed country for many years, their habit of building construction and climatic environment are suitable for Faux-Stone product of ADD STONE, Not just for high flexibility, high weather fastness and easy cleaning Faux-Stone Coating, but also for easy and fast installed Faux-Stone Wall Panel. ADD STONE product is not only suitable for environment and climate, but save cost and create unique texture faux stone design of building.

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September 2019 Bex Asia Singapore Green & Quality Building Materials Exhibition

  Led by the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, Aberdeen participated in the Bex Asia 2019 exhibition in Singapore. In addition to displaying ADD STONE faux stone technology products, we hope to find more cooperative distributor. ADD STONE provides technical support to help train faux granite coating technicians and workers and establish a faux granite coating engineering team.

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This year's Vietnam Taiwan Expo was held in Hanoi. ADD STONE displayed green and environmentally-friendly water-based building materials to help partners work together for the green planet.

  After the Vietnam International Architecture Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in June, ADD STONE participated in the Taiwan Expo which organized by the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association in Hanoi on on August 8th. ADD STONE green and environmentally-friendly water-based building materials can be used not only outdoors, but also indoor design and decoration. ADD STONE faux stone lacquer and sub-stone wallboard create a high-fidelity granite texture, creating a different style with granite texture.

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