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The snow in winter of Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The temperature in cold winter will drop to -10 degree and reach to 40 degree hot in the summer.

  Japan's winter and summer temperature differences and the geographical environment of the seismic zone require wall materials that can withstand thermal expansion and contraction and have elasticity. ADD STONE like stone coating system and faux stone wall panel are not just having beautiful granite texture and color, but also have the characteristic of high flexibility, stain resistance and easy cleaning. Make house not just beauty outside, but save your time to cleaning and cost less on the repair and maintenance.

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ADD STONE will present a special concept of ADD STONE imitation stone paint at ACT Forum'19. Designers will be able to break through the limitations of traditional granite stone, no longer heavy, expensive and fragile, with ADD STONE Faux Stone Coating, which is imitation of granite texture, creates the lightest granite on soft, lightweight materials.

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ADD STONE will attend JHBS which is held on Nov. 13th, 2019 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

  ADD STONE will attend the 41th Japan Home And Building Show. Japan is a developed country for many years, their habit of building construction and climatic environment are suitable for Faux-Stone product of ADD STONE, Not just for high flexibility, high weather fastness and easy cleaning Faux-Stone Coating, but also for easy and fast installed Faux-Stone Wall Panel. ADD STONE product is not only suitable for environment and climate, but save cost and create unique texture faux stone design of building.

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