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Aberdeen, the Granite City, also known as Silver City. Take with its deep meaning of beautiful and the way of company development to name our company.
ADD STONE is a brand from Aberdeen Decoration Co.,Ltd, with company based in Taiwan.

According the dream of green Eco-friendly coating, create a kindly city to Earth

  Start with green and environmental protection, and carry the coating dream of founder, we hope to do our best to create a nice planet of Earth.

  Our brand color is Taiwan Serpentine green which represents the timelessness spirit of ADD STONE. We aim to showcase the beauty of Taiwan's nature and the company's eco-friendly mission through the values of professionalism (black) and vitality (yellow).

  From the triple-win perspective of human health, construction site safety, and environmental friendliness, the environmentally friendly water-based coating ADD STONE is developed by our own brand has created a highly simulated, colorful, simple process and durable faux-stone coating system. Water-based coating use water as a diluent and do not contain toxic solvents and heavy metal compounds.

  They are safe,pollution-free and environmentally friendly coating, which are in line with the green trend of global construction.



Deeply cultivate Taiwan,lay out Asia, and look forward to the international decorative coating brands in the world

  We have a professional R & D,production and marketing team, combined with skilled coating application masters, laying a solid foundation in Taiwan.

  The faux-stone coating production technology that has been brewing for many years has integrated the coating needs of the construction market; the continuous optimization of spraying technology has solved various spraying problems for manufacturers.

  At the same time, texture stone coating spraying technology is widely used on various substrates, and various composite building materials are customized to complete your imagination of the stone.

  With a solid and excellent imitate stone product technology and service, Aberdeen started from Taiwan and laid out in Asia, with overseas service bases in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, looking to the global market and becoming a high-profile international decorative coating brand.

Aberdeen is headquartered in Kaohsiung, where the headquarters exterior is sprayed with ADDSTONE faux-stone coating, resembling a granite stone wall.