ADD STONE faux-stone coating system suitable for the climate and environment of Japan

  Japan's winter and summer temperature differences and the geographical environment of the seismic zone require wall materials that can withstand thermal expansion and contraction and have elasticity. ADD STONE like stone coating system and faux stone wall panel are not just having beautiful granite texture and color, but also have the characteristic of high flexibility, stain resistance and easy cleaning. Make house not just beauty outside, but save your time to cleaning and cost less on the repair and maintenance.


The Effect of Japan climate to building material

  Japan is situated Subtropics and Temperate climate zone. Except to the Ryukyu Islands in the south, the climate there is snowing in the winter and high temperature in the summer. For example: in summer, the temperature will be higher than 30 degree in Tokyo, but it will be under 0 degree in winter, it will reach to even -13 degree in Sappo, Hokkaido. The huge climate change between summer and winter makes building expanding with heat and contracting with cold, this is a great challenge to the material of house exterior wall. Not to mention the effect of heavy rain scouring in the summer and the frozen snowing in the winter. 

Japan, Tokyo weather record

Japan, Kyoto weather record

Japan, Sappo weather record

Japan, Tokachi weather record 

The road is covered with heavy snow in winter in Sappo, Japan.
The road is covered with heavy snow in winter in Sappo, Japan.


  Face to the change of temperature, the building surface material in addition to water resistance, need to be elastic to cope with thermal expansion and contraction. The Elastic coat of ADD STONE faux-stone coating system gives the product high flexibility, which can be bent without crack or peeling, the four layer coating system with surface protective top coat gives the Faux-Stone coating system the ability to fight for water scouring.



The effect of Japan located in Ring of Fire to building material

  Both Japan and Taiwan located in the Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt and face to the threat of earthquake. Although small earthquake will not cause disaster, the small crack will appear on the building surface. The building musts have seismic-resistant and earthquake-resistant capacity to prevent damage, and has to avoid the problem of building article fallen down.

The building exterior tile and granite wall panel fell off after earthquake.
The building exterior tile and granite wall panel fell off after earthquake --picture from CNA


  ADD STONE like stone paint is a faux-stone coating system with high flexibility. When there is a tiny crack, our product can still be extended and encapsulate the surface to avoid any damage. The flexible faux-stone paint not just reduces cracks and is beautiful and elegant, but also protect building not to damage by rain. ADD STONE Faux-Stone wall panel is made of PP composite, locked on the wall bracket with screw, stable and not to drop down, snap-fit joint design makes wall panel have the capacity of extension and prevent to fall down, as well as, the lightweight faux-stone building material avoid the damage problem of stone panel and tile dropped down.

ADD STONE Faux-Stone Wall Panel at Fair
ADD STONE Faux-Stone Wall Panel at Fair


Ring of Fire ( Wiki picture cc4.0)

Ring of FireBy Astroskiandhike - This file was derived from: Tectonic plates boundaries detailed-en.svg by Sting, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


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