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ADDSTONE Faux-Stone coating processing service

Freedom to give artificial stone surface, Change rock stone style

  The aberdeen company has coating factory and can offer ADD STONE faux-stone coating secondary processing coating service.

  We create different styles , lower the cost, enhance the value to our products.

Faux-Stone Panel

  ADD STONE Faux-Stone wall panel is the product of Aberdeen Spraying Factory. Plastic injection molding texture with PP plastic and ADD STONE high-fidelity like stone coating system create unique products.


Wooden or Slate table ?

Nearly real Stone

  ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating can be used in a wide variety of materials. Highly realistic stone paint can imitate the surface of almost real stone. With ADD STONE's stone paint, analog stone products are obtained at a lower cost and in a faster way.

Processing Service

  Aberdeen spraying factory equipped with specialized painting equipment and technicians, from the merchandise's pre-treatment until the four-layer imitation stone paint system is finished spraying. In addition to ADD STONE Faux-Stone wall Panel, Aberdeen spraying factory also uses an ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating to provide Coating services.



  ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating is suitable for the surface of various articles and materials. Whether it is plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass, cement, and hard materials commonly used in various buildings and decorations, or soft items such as styrofoam, cardboard, cork board, etc, ADDSTONE Faux-Stone Coating are firmly attached and do not peel off due to bending.