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  The wonderful story begins with the owner and designer first coming across the ADD STONE faux-stone coating lampshade where it will pique their interest with its fine design. 

  Its overall design is based on presenting a natural outlook without damaging nature.

  Make the outer walls stand out with the ADD STONE coating and wood texture.


Wander in the holiday rural villa and fall in love with nature.


It’s a dream to own a house for many people, but a holiday rural villa is a dream for the owner

  The owner loves nature and has the hope of building a holiday villa for many years.

  He doesn’t want to destroy the nature so he chooses the material very carefully to use environmentally friendly building material.

  As the owner wants to feel relaxed at home and be with nature, he will first think of the material color he wants to represent this and then conveys this to the designer. During the color selection process, the designer will then provide suggestions on matching textures and AN-608 Shandong white pearl stone coating was chosen in the end to spray the wall.


The dark brown wood and black brown window frame and beams matches the pale gray granite texture wall
The minimalist scandinavian style of pale gray color and matching wood brings about a different style


  The designer requires the scandinavian style to contain durable and easily reparable materials that can be used outdoors. ADD STONE completely fulfills these requirements.

  Because ADD STONE faux-stone coating resembles real granite, having a deep wood color texture with a lighter stone coating can provide a good color contrast. For a different look it can try the T shape mortar joint design, which showcases the color contrast.


The pale gray granite stone wall and dark wall lamp
The pale gray granite stone wall uses Shandong white pearl stone coating and T shape mortar joint design for a stone block visual effect


Consider function and environment with aesthetic feeling

  Not only because of the granite stone texture high degree of realism but also that the designer wants to try the new material made from Sandwich Panel(polystyrene foam filling in aluminum) are the reasons why the ADD STONE faux-stone coating could be chosen.

  ADD STONE faux-stone coating can be applied on many kinds of materials, metal, wood, cement and shows the texture indoor and outdoor.

  It’s durable ,easy to repair and not easily contaminated, which meets the designer's requirements.

AN-608 Shandong White Pearl Granite Coating&nbsp
AN-608 Shandong White Pearl Granite Coating

Why choose AN-608 Shandong white pearl coating and not use real granite stone material?


Achieve the owner’s dream from the easy install green building material

  The faux-stone coating is not confined to the stone’s physical characteristics but it is more lightweight, easier to installation and has no joints compared to traditional building stone material.

  Unlike the traditional stone material with its high cost and can also be easily damaged.

  Combine faux-stone coating and green building material to bring the unlimited value in building stylishly.

  Be at one with nature and feel the beautiful and fresh air with the faux stone coating.



If you love the earth and want the good environment for home, don’t miss this chance to build a holiday rural villa in your house.

ADD STONE faux-stone coating is eco-friendly material and replaces the real granite stone to avoid destroying the nature environment .


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