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ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating Imitation stone creative development example

  Traditional stone carving products are relatively expensive to manufacture, heavy and brittle, and have limited application and design capabilities, but the natural stone carving texture in the environment can create a very different atmosphere.

  With the high-fidelity imitation stone texture of ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating, the appearance of the imitation stone paint can show the texture of the rock and change the appearance of stone carving.

  This kind of conversion product becomes the effect of stone carving, which gives many possibilities for creative development. It can be used to shape the basic shape with various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, paper, styrofoam, and then sprayed with imitation stone paint to convert it into stone-like effect. .


With ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating coverage, many products can be changed to different appearances

The general tabletop plastic clock, which is covered with a imitation stone lacquer, turns into a stone-like look.
Imitation stone clock on the table, showing a different style
Ordinary pen holders can also be turned into stone sculptures with special styles.
The wood mobile phone seat is changed into a stone phone holder, showing different styles.
The general base of the notebook is made of plastic or metal, and the stone-like paint creates a stone shelf.
The like stone-coated lacquered notebook cover, the look of granite is very eye-catching
Traditional wood toys can also have new color applications
Iron, wood, and plastic bowls can be turned into stone carving bowls with stone-like paint.
The paper chandelier is painted with stone-imitation lacquer, and the stone-like chandeliers show different styles.
The stone-like paint transforms the stainless steel lantern into a stone lantern in the garden, which is beautiful, light and durable, and resistant to dirt."
Wood, plastic flower baskets, can also be turned into stone pots
Cheap plastic flower pots become very textured stone flower pots
Potted plants with green walls on the interior walls can also have granite texture
Easy to own stone vase
Stone-like paint can create a variety of paving-brick
After the styrofoam is sprayed with like stone paint, it is like a real stone carving mobile phone holder.



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