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Looking for the soul in the space- discreet black

  For me, DESIGN is not just about making beautiful products, the process of creating ideas and keep interesting is important as well.

  The design of each case should have the image and meaning to be conveyed.

  Briefly, it is not only the innovation of function also the presentation of product, making the design more dynamic, which is close to the ideas of designers.

  For us, it is to bring customers a better moment.


Light violet wall, plain white with a little fragrance. White sofa and light sunset with black light fixture and black granite hanging decoration

light violet resemble a light fragrance as a simple natural image.


The wall beside the French windows applied with black- ADD STONE faux-stone coating.

  I like putting a calm and classic black into a warm and fresh space as an element of space quality.

  The hostess who likes to look out of the window, decides to break the traditional rule. Instead, she chose the royal black of ADD STONE as the main visual design on the wall which beside the french windows.

  It shows a harmony and warmness and matches with other furniture suitably.


The bottom of the cupboard decorate with black granite to make the space richer.

  The modern design focuses on lines and geometry and the appearance is hard to control.

  Combine ADD STONE faux-stone coating with the style of Minimalism, which make the texture richer and find a balance in the space.

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