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Renovate an old house with ADD STONE faux stone paint

    Common problems in old houses are dirty appearance, cracked paint, peeling off, or falling off tiles, stone pieces, etc... The general treatment method is nothing more than repainting or re-sticking the tiles after cleaning the surface.

    Use ADD STONE like stone paint to renovate the old house, the stone wall surface gives the house a more pleasing appearance; the shape of the railing is also transformed into stone carving art by the sub-stone paint.


  • Location: Taiwan
  • Like stone paint use area: Exterior wall and railing
  • Basic material: GRC, cement, tile


Before and after renovation of the old house

  ADD STONE imitation stone paint gives the old house a very different look

Cover ADD STONE like stone paint without removing the tiles. the granite color and texture of tile show a special new style.
Surface peeled and mottled painting renovated with ADD STONE like stone paint, which turned into stone carving railing.



Renovating with ADD STONE saves time with ease, ADD STONE like stone paint covers the surface of tiles directly, giving you a new house.


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