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Wood surface such as logs, plywood, wooden cabinets, etc., need to be surface treated before spraying ADD STONE

Workers are carrying spruce splints
Workers are carrying spruce splints


  Before the wood is painted, it should be treated like a cement wall to smooth the surface before spraying ADD STONE.

  • If there are nails, old paint, moss, dirt, etc., the surface needs to be removed and brushed clean.
  • Residual nail holes, breakage, original holes in the wood, etc., need to be filled and polished, and the materials to be filled include batch soil, AB glue, epoxy resin, etc.


  In addition to the surface smoothing treatment before the wood painting, it is necessary to apply a layer of oily paint to seal and prevent the original oil from oozing out and spitting yellow, causing discoloration, deterioration or falling off of the paint surface.




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