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ADD STONE Faux-Stone Texture Wall Panel

Black Faux-Stone texture wall panel installed on exterior wall of the garden villa which matches with white brick wall. bright tranquility in the breeze.

Unique stone style wall of rapid construction

  ADD STONE Faux-Stone Texture Wall Panel, based on Europe and United States as main development market, providing high degree of simulation, and easy to assemble the composite wall panels for DIY mature areas.

  It is also a high evaluation project acceptance and a wall material of very quick and easy constriction in Asian countries constriction projects.

  There are many wallboard products, but highly realistic rock plate surface is unique and charming development in today’s market.

creamy-white Faux-Stone Texture Panel installed on exterior wall of villa

Faux-Stone Texture Panel Feature


High degree of simulation


Insulation temperature


Easy and quick installation




Reduce noise interference