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Obsolete black lamp stained with gray water marks and sand, covered with ADD STONE AN texture stone coating, renew the appearance of granite-like surface.

Obsolete outdoor garden metal lamps, coating with like stone paint

  Night garden landscaping requires light embellishments, usually interspersed with ferrous metal waterproof lights, but black hand-made items need to be managed to hide and avoid damaging the garden landscape. The lamps have been stained with mud and water for a long time, and the appearance is dirty and unsightly. Cleaning is also quite troublesome.

Green grass, red hedges, and red brick walls, black lamps will stand out
The wash pebble fountain in the garden, and a black metal waterproof light fixture.

  Washing fountains, green meadows and groves, old brick-and-red buildings, but erected with many modern black lamps, the lights will be beautiful at night, but the day is out of place.

  Most of the common outdoor lighting is black, and the low-key black to avoid affecting the overall landscape, but the time has been stained with water marks, dirt, and always destroy the overall atmosphere.


  • Location: Thailand
  • Like stone paint area: outdoor garden waterproof floor lamp
  • Basic material: painted stainless steel
  • ADD STONE Asian imitation stone paint system: Yagang stone paint - AN 609 Baoxing ice black granite

  The old luminaire is sprayed with ADD STONE Faux-Stone coating. It can protect the lamps and lanterns for a long time, and the AN- texture stone coating- are highly realistic granite texture coatings. Covered with granite coats, metal lamps transform into stone-textured lamps, renew the garden appearances.


Outdoor garden waterproof metal lamp spraying AN - Granite texture stone coating.

Obsolete garden, water stain, sludge outdoor garden waterproof metal lamp

Old lamps are devastated by time, covered with water marks and sludge


Disassembled, cleaned outdoor garden waterproof metal lamps

  Common steps before coating, cleaning the surface

  Disassemble the lamp into individual parts, remove dirt, water stain, and deposits, and clean the surface with clean water.


Outdoor garden waterproof metal lamp spray primer

  The lamp is being sprayed with the primer of ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating, which requires a suitable primer depending on the base.

  Outdoor waterproofing fixtures used in garden lighting are usually made of metal, so spray a metal primer and the color just sprayed with white color.


Outdoor garden waterproof metal lamps spray granite texture AN - Granite texture stone coating.

  Each layer of coating must be thoroughly dried between the sprays, and the AN - Granite texture granite main coating needs to be sprayed TWICE.

  The luminaire that is being dried is the same as the main material of the first layer of ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating. The appearance is still slightly transparent to the color of the primer and elastic coating.


The outdoor garden waterproof light is sprayed with ADD STONE Faux-Stone coating, and the muti-layer granite color texture adds the texture and color of the light.

  The luminaire is sprayed with the second layer of the main coating and the last layer of protective finish. The obsolete luminaires are stained with dirt and water marks on the original black surface transform into the color and texture of the granite.


The general outdoor garden waterproof light is covered with a granite coat and has the texture and texture of stone carving lamps.

  The luminaires from the original black surface, the texture of the artifacts, covered with ADD STONE Faux-Stone coating, the overall feeling is more tranquil and calm, and the granite texture makes the lamps look like granite stone lamps.


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