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Old dusty black light fixture with water stains covered with ADD STONE-AN Granite Texture Faux-Stone Coating becomes a new and granite appearance.

Outdoor old metal garden lamps covered with faux-stone coating

  Decorating garden landscape at night with black metal waterproof light is a common way, but the black artificial materials need to be covered to avoid ruining the landscape. Moreover, the lamps are dusty after using for a long time, it is quite hard to clean them.

Green lawn and red hedges compare with red brick walls, black lamps show obviously.
The washed finish fountain and black metal waterproof light fixture.

  The fountain of washed finish, green lawn, grove and brick red old building with a modern black light fixture, at night it may be beautiful, but at daytime it looks strange.

Most of the outdoor light fixtures are black, people try not to ruin the overall view with the low-key black, but the dusty fixtures ruin the whole landscape after using for a long time.


  • Location: Thailand
  • Like stone paint area: outdoor garden waterproof floor lamp
  • Basic material: painted stainless steel
  • ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating: Granite Texture Faux-Stone Coating - AN-609 Changtai Sesame Black Granite Coating

  The old light fixture is sprayed with ADD STONE Faux-Stone coating, with the feature of dirt resistant of ADD STONE, it can keep the light fixture new. Moreover the feature of high simulation of AN Granite Texture Faux-Stone Coating System covers a granite coating, which turns the metal light fixture into stone light fixture. It became more classic.


Outdoor garden waterproof metal lamp spraying AN- granite texture stone coating

Old and dusty garden waterproof metal light with water stains.

Old lamp fixtures are covered with water stains and dirt.


disassemble, clean the outdoor garden waterproof metal lamps

  Common steps before coating, cleaning the surface

  Disassemble the lamp into individual parts, remove dirt, water stains and attachment and clean the surface with clean water.


Primer coating on outdoor garden waterproof metal lamp

  The lamp is being sprayed with the primer of ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating, which requires a suitable primer depending on the base.

  Outdoor waterproofing fixtures used in garden lighting are usually made of metal, so spray a metal primer and the color just sprayed with white color.


Outdoor garden waterproof metal lamps after spraying AN Granite Texture Faux-Stone Coating

  Each layer of coating must be thoroughly dried between the sprays, and the AN - Granite texture granite main coating needs to be sprayed TWICE.

  The appearance, which is the light fixture with the first layer of ADD STONE imitation stone paint, is still lightly appear the the color of primer and elastic coating.


The outdoor garden waterproof light is sprayed with ADD STONE Faux-Stone coating, and the muti-layer granite color texture adds the texture and color of the light.

  The light fixture is sprayed with the second layer of the main coating and the last layer of protective finish. The obsolete luminaires are stained with dirt and water marks on the original black surface transform into the color and texture of the granite.


The ordinary outdoor garden waterproof light fixture covered with a granite coating, texture and vein of stone carving light fixture.

  The original light fixture turns into artificial texture, covered with ADD STONE Faux-Stone Coating became heavier and steadier. Moreover, the light fixture with granite texture is similar to stone carving light which matches with garden landscaping perfectly.


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