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ADD STONE imitation stone wall boards has a variety of textures which match with different faux-stone coating can create diverse appearances


Application examples for various occasions of Faux-Stone Wall Panel

County side villa applied with PV061-C11, PV041-C09 of imitation stone wall boards.
Villa in Thai applied with PV041-C03, PV041-C16 faux-stone wall panels to cover the exterior walls.
South Korea's single-family villa, covering the exterior with PV021-C03 imitation stone wall boards
The wall behind the courtyard fountain is covered with PV021-C09 imitation stone wall boards.
Garden wall used PV051-C19 masonry series of imitation stone wall boards to cover the landscape.
The cottage near the scenic area covered with PV041-C31, PV021-C43 imitation stone wall boards to create a beautiful appearance.
PV041-C31 and PV021-C43 imitation stone wallboard have good performance of weather resistance, the cottage keep beautiful in winter.
Australian sushi restaurant applied with PV051-C44 stone wallboard to create a calm and steady style.
The dormitory of this building with PV041-C03 imitation stone wall boards create an interesting appearance
PV041-C1 red brick imitation stone wall panels create a distinctive eye-catching exterior of building
PV041-C11 and PV041-C09 imitation wallboards color matching with an eye-catching appearance.
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