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It needs to be covered by rain, otherwise the paint will be washed and destroyed.

ADD STONE faux stone coating encountered rain during construction, depending on the situation, different treatment methods

  During the construction of any kind of paint and painting, it is not allowed to touch the rain. During the construction period, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather conditions, and prevent and protect the rain in advance; however, if it rains, according to the condition of the paint after rain, the rain time There are different ways of dealing with the size of the rain.


It rained during construction

  If it is raining during construction, immediately ask the workers to cover the canvas to avoid rain. If you encounter heavy rain at the beginning, you need to ask the worker to scrape the paint surface damaged by rain.


It rains at night, the workers have left the construction site after work, no one can handle it.

  After work, people have left the construction site, and no one can cover the situation when it hits the rain at night. The next day, it is necessary to scrape the place where the sag occurs and repaint the construction.


What should I do with scouring and water marks?

  After the paint surface is washed by rain, there is a trace of running water. It should be re-painted after being supplemented with cement with Primer.


The lacquer works are very afraid of rain, but there are many situations when the construction process encounters rain. You can contact us through the technical consultation form or contact our offices.

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